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Waaaaaaaait! Before sending me a mail - please see below.

A note about the images:

Please be advised the photos I take are copyrighted to me and they are for enjoyment of viewing for my family, friends and anyone else visiting my photostream only. The photos are not intended to be used for anything else.

In response to some requests, the photos are not for sale, publications (web or magazine) or use for any other purpose at this time. The photos may not be copied, reproduced, redistributed, manipulated, projected, used or altered in any way.

PLEASE, please, please refrain from seeking permission to use/purchase the photos.
There's been one too many crap that I had to deal with and I can't be bothered potentially going through it again. Even if it means turning down legitimate and honest requests.

Thank you

Hi All!

Thank you for all your kind words and amazing welcomes. As few enquires have been made regarding my photos I would like to mention some answers here and a quick introduction along with it.

Firstly I am a Sydney based self taught photography enthusiast who has taken up this hobby about two years ago. However passion for nature has been a life long one so you'll find most of my photos are of landscapes and nature.

Regarding post processing (Photoshop): My take on editing an image is like make-ups. (Not on me though lol) You need to have a base photo to start off with before even considering what is going to be done.
Sometimes I'd like to edit my photos more, sometimes less... I don't really restrict my self to any certain style or workflows as I feel each image often requires different approach. Having said that, I always try to get everything right in the camera such as exposures and compositions so I don't have to spend hours "correcting" an image.

Wallpaper requests/Image sizes: As I have had my photos used in a certain ways without my permission in the past, I can only offer my images at 1024 pixel large for viewing. I know that not everyone has intentions of using them any other than wallpaper or personal use but its hard for me to consider each request. Sorry!

Personal Site: I don't have one but I am considering building one in the near future.

Cheers and thanks for stopping by!